These are a few images from my first shoot for the series, “What if this were me? Part II,” that I’m working on with women. I’ll continually post a few of the images that were not included for the final collection with some background info on the shoot + the subject. The reason for doing this is mainly because the images as seen on suerissberger.com represent a fragment of that individual and the time that went into shooting them. It filled my soul in more ways than I could’ve imagined. Meeting each woman, telling them about the project, hearing their feedback and thoughts on how they imagined themselves and discussing execution of the shot has given such momentum and energy to, “What if this were me? Part II.” And I hope, to their vision of where they are headed in life. When Ariel and I started discussing her participation, I emailed her a few options and she immediately responded with an interest to this series. We met multiple times over subsequent months, talking about our lives, the project, and pausing for moments to think about where we were, physically + mentally, then. The words we exchanged are the very meat of this series and how the final picture evolved. Our conversations involved a lot of could’ves and future-tense visualizations, i.e., “I just want to be [in France] right now,” and “I can’t wait.” There’s something to be said for following your dream, feeling those strings tug on your heart, and responding to the emotions that surge inside with each pull. A bientot, mon amie. This, is Ariel.


6 thoughts on “this, is Ariel

  1. Thanks, Anca! Yeah, it’s quite the contrast from the first few shots with her. I saw that you’re from Brooklyn now living on the West Coast? Awesome! I’m in Brooklyn now. Cheers for stopping by 🙂

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