Is a title that is a bit misleading.

Is a blog with slight traces of humor.

Is full of content that may cause you to miss your bus, train or be late for work.

As a means to inspire dialogue between strangers – the person you share a bench with in the park, stand behind in line or unapologetically commiserate with when the F train fails to arrive – and friends, and foes, FollowingMyLede takes topics spanning from the everyday to once in a blue moon and presents questions around a central musing related to current affairs and culture. Maybe it’ll take you into a five-minute rant with a colleague during your daily water-cooler visit or to the opposite end of the day as you race to a cafe-cum-bar to meet friends and before you know it, 4am rolls around and you’re still talking about the 2009 recession. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’ve been, what matters is that you’re talking and engaged in a conversation about things that matter. The little, the big, the medium, you’ll find it here.

Why FollowingMyLede is a bit misleading? Because while I do encourage you to read this blog, I don’t encourage you to follow my lead, her lead, his or anyone’s for the sake of following. If you have a dog, that’s a different story, follow theirs. I do encourage you to follow what you believe in so long as it’s positive, innocuous and good for the world. Cliché, but true.

Why FollowingMyLede has slight traces of humor? Think sarcasm. Sarcasm, wit and sarcasm again all thrown together to create these occasional, non-serious, laughable moments. It’s like a melting pot of laughter infused with lemongrass.

Why FollowingMyLede may cause you to miss your bus? Conversation may go so far that you start referencing Calvin and quoting passages by Steinbeck which then causes you to recall a story retold by your Aunt Sarah about your great-cousin Ethel. All within one setting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions of your own you’d like to see appear as part of a discussion or random comments that upon closer inspection, indicate no connection to anything mentioned here, please feel free to post them below or contact me at susan.rissberger[at]gmail.com (that’s me, Sue Rissberger!). Thoughts are always encouraged.


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